My car with no front bumper but a white DriftArmor bash bar is attached

Quick Background

It looks like Drift Armor no longer has their own website so be sure to check out their Facebook Page here!

Back in 2020 I installed a Speed By Design 500x turbo kit onto my 2013 Scion FR-S. One of the requirements for the installation of the SBD 500x kit was that you need to either replace the stock crash bar or cut into the stock one. I know myself well enough that I knew there was no way I would willingly cut up a stock part on my car. I learned my lesson cutting the diffuser on my stock rear bumper.

Knowing I needed to source a tubular replacement I hopped on the forums and found these guys over at Drift Armor were quite popular in the drift community and were local in Colorado! I like to support small business where I can so this was a no brainier for me. I think after placing my order Brian offered for me to pick it up locally in about two business days instead of me paying for shipping.

All together, this modification only cost me about $130 dollars and I actually want to spend more money with them and get the rear crash bar replacement as well!

Easy Installation!

Other than having to remove the finicky front bumper that lives on the nose of every Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ this was a super easy installation. Only requiring the removal and re-installation of 4x 14mm bolts. Now, in the image you see above mine is painted white but they come as raw steel. So you can sand, primer, and paint yours any color you like.

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