FreshRSS is an open-source and self-hosted RSS Aggregation project. It features a customizable user interface with plenty of default themes to match your style. It is light weight and can be run inside a docker container or as a permanent web server installation.

What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication otherwise known as RSS is an exceptionally portable protocol for sharing news, blogs, podcasts, and other types of updates over HTTP(S) using an XML formatting. This form of technology entered the scene in 1999 but did not pickup a large-scale implementation until 2002. Nowadays the News thread in banking applications such as TD Ameritrade Thinkorswim use RSS feeds to deliver news to traders!

Using an RSS Aggregator, a user and subscribe to a bunch of RSS feeds. Using a timer the RSS Aggregator application will check the configured RSS sources for any new publications or changes. These XML changes are picked up by the RSS Aggregator and content is displayed to the user.

Using FreshRSS

I am using FreshRSS to collect news from my favorite organizations without the need for signing up for coutless newsletters! I like to keep an eye on updates from SCS Studios; the makers of American Truck Simulator. This is my favorite video game so I enjoy seeing updates from them so easily.

I also use these RSS Feeds to track network outages and other platform impacts from my favorite vendors such as Github and Linode. This keeps me up to date with their latest issues, releases, and outages.

Easy to Use

Setting up a new feed is exceptionally easy. Typically appending /feed/ or /rss/ or /atom/ to the end a URL will point you to the correct place.

Here you can see my configuration for tracking Malwarebytes blog updates.

If you are interested in demoing my running FreshRSS instance, feel free to reach out!


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