Last Updated 5-14-2023

Hello and welcome friends and family! I am glad that you have taken interest in my Jellyfin server or another of my home lab adventures. Below you will find all the information you should need to have an enjoyable experience watching media on your cellphone!



  • Enable 2-Factor Authentication
  • Install VLC media player
  • Enable External Video Player

What is Jellyfin? This is an open-source project for self-hosting a media service. I manage all of the content inside Jellyfin.
What is Tailscale? This is a peer-to-peer style VPN service that is very user-friendly. This allows you to connect to my self-hosted service without

What is VLC? This is a media-player application that has support for a wider range of CODECS than most default applications. Including the one built into the Jellyfin mobile application. Using VLC can actually reduce the server-load when streaming some content. This is not required.

Server Status: This is a Raspberry Pi 4 hosted status page that performs lightweight monitoring for some services.
Report a Bug/Request Media: Use this form to report advertisements, incorrect file names, and more.

Quality Info: Mixture of 360p 720p and 1080p. I will not support 4k content.

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