Bounce a Juniper Switchport

Cisco IOS was my first-love so to speak. I think I can say that to be the case for many. However after 4 years working with Juniper devices and JunOS on a wide series of hardware from EX3400s all the way up to large MX devices; I have fallen in love with JunOS and just can’t go back!

You are all familiar with the Cisco “shut, no shut” also known as an Interface bouce. When you perform that process on a Cisco, you drop the Layer 2 connection as well as PoE. That is not the case with Juniper. Power over Ethernet is provided from a dedicated ASIC on its own control-plane. I’ll show you how to drop both L2 connectivity and PoE.

user@switch> edit
set interfaces ge-1/0/4 disable
set poe interface ge-1/0/4 disable
commit check
commit confirmed 1

Performing the commit check is not required. However in our Production environment we consider it to be best practice before performing a commit. Another thing to note, is that you while you could ‘'’rollback``` and exit; I prefer to let the automatic rollback occur at the end of “1” minute. If you do not specify a duration, 10 minutes is the default.


Beginners Guide to Learning JunOS Official JunOS CLI Reference


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