Growing Cannabis Notes

Starting Grow Cycle 3

This time around, I am only trying to grow a single Lilac Diesel clone. This time the bucket is filled to the brim with some INSERTBRANDHERE top soil. I added two layers of medium-sized rocks to help with drainage, soil compaction, and root growth. I have also opt to remove as much of the root “sponge” as possible. I am hoping this helps with root penetration.

Initial Soil pH - 7.0

Lessons Learned - Harvest 2

  • Wipe leaves weekly, and use Peppermint oil to deter spider mites.
  • Fill the buckets to the brim with dirt.
  • Monitor soil pH.

During my second grow cycle, I decided to “go big”. I invested in a 2”x2”x4” MelonFarms Tent, a small fan, and 2x 16 watt LED grow lights from Lowes. I attempted to grow three plants each planted within their own 5 gallon bucket. This time I removed the bio-degradeable pots and filled the buckets most the way up with basic Miracle Grow garden soil mix.

The big bummer here was the fact the entire harvest was lost due to spider mites. SAD FACE! I also noticed that by the end of the harvest that the soil had compact down quite a bit. After inspecting the roots, this time we had much deeper soil penetration but seemingly hit a barrier due to dense soil in the bottom of the bucket. I also suspect that we stunted some growth due to the thick canopy that the 3x plants created. Some of the stems grew enough flower to struggle standing up due to the weight. I need to reseach stressing the steam-y structures further.


Lessons Learned - Harvest 1

  • Light control is extremely important, especially during the flowering stage.
  • Give the plants more room for roots!
  • Remove the clone from the biodegradeable pot.

I started growing my first clone with no prior knowledge and no budget. Issue 1 was no tent. I quickly learned that I would need an approximate 16-hour LIGHT followed by a 8-hour DARK cycle for vegitation. For flowering I should have maintained a 12-Light, 12-Dark cycle. Issue 2 was stunted roots. Not only did I use a rather small 12 inch pot, I failed to remove the plant from the bio-degradeable pot. This caused the roots to fail to grow properly. Overall it was a very poor harvest, but successful none the less!



  • 24-0 or 18-6 during the veg stage.
  • 12-12 during the flowering stage.
  • 70-85°F (20-30°C).


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