W900 Tuning Pack

SCS Studios has released the Kenworth W900 Tuning Pack for $3.99 USD on Steam! This DLC adds over 500 different items to customize your truck with! Many of these items are Factory options, others are Aftermarket. My favorite new item has got to be the either the new headlamp options or the new Bumpers.


The Kenworth W900 has been available in the base game since release in 2016. Earlier in March, SCS released the 100th Anniversary Edition into the base game available for all players! The update pairs well with the newly released DLC :)

Our Trucks

trucksRear I built my rig starting with the Long 8x4 mid-lift Chassis because I like the extra long wheelbase and axle. This reduces my overall maneuverability but I have found when backing a trailer it helps open up my slip angle. Next I installed the tall aftermarket 7” Exhaust. I felt this matched well with the Thunder Intake canisters. I opted for Paint II, Round Small LED trim and the ICON Orange blinkers. My favorite front bumper, the Ranger. I love the additional Pogo-sticks!

Ruby chose to start with a 100th Edition, keeping the Long 6x4 Anniversary Chassis. She chose to keep the Kenworth 100 Edition exhaust stacks too. She installed the Low Paint Intake Canisters; pairing with the Paint II, Oval LED trim and the matching ICON Orange blinkers! Notably she installed the “Storm, Paint” front bumper to tie it all together. BlinkerCloseUp This is just scratching the surface of the Kenworth W900 Tuning Pack DLC.


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