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I’ve had the pleasure of working in the IT (Information Technology) industry for almost a Decade. That in itself is crazy for me to think about. Looking back at where I was knowledge-wise when I created my first Minecraft server, then fast forward to my first day in a IT Support role within a Hospital. Fast forward again and I am the Senior Technician on a Tier 3 Escalations team.

It took time and dedication to get here. It took other folks mentorship and goodwill to educate me in all aspects of my life. Anyways, I am not a life coach but I can happily share with you my collection of Study Guides and other resources I have bought from various Humble Bundle Book Bundles.

TechBooks_v2 is 780 MB and contains an additional 8 PDFs including SalesForce for Beginners and created a folder structure.


Matts Auto Support

Hello and welcome to 2024! I hope all of my readers are doing well. We had a fantatsic Christmas Holiday with the family and did a bit of travelling. Today I...

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Experience OpenLiteSpeed

Howdy Friends! Today I will be tuning the underlying webserver that is running this very WordPress application. My hope is to reduce overall CPU load as well...

Mom Said Redefine Success

In High School I had one dream that stands out. Own a Porsche by the time I was 26. Looking back, I have no idea where this dream came from; because I was ra...

Jellyfin Guide for Friends and Family

Hello and welcome friends and family! I am glad that you have taken interest in my Jellyfin server or another of my home lab adventures. Below you will find ...

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